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Original title: "Accept Payments Through TroopTrack"


What is it?

Each troop can link their TroopTrack account to an Amazon account, so that the members of their troop can make online troop payments to that Amazon account. Parents can pay all their troop dues through this feature.



Link Your Troop to Amazon

To begin accepting payments online, someone in the troop needs to link the troop's TroopTrack account with an Amazon account. This account will be used to receive all payments made by members of the troop. To link your account to Amazon, go to the page at Manage-->Settings-->Accept Payments Online. This should normally be done by the owner of the Amazon account, or by the owner of the TroopTrack account.


You will see the following page. Read through the details, and click the Sign up for Amazon Payments button. This will take you to a page at where you will be able to create an Amazon Payments account, or sign in if you already happen to have one. Read through and follow the directions on to set up your account.

Accepting Payments

Once you have this set up, a user can make payments to the troop Amazon account. For a parent to make payments in behalf of her son, she would go to her child's user page, click on the Money tab, and click the Make Deposit link, shown below.

This link will take the parent to a page where she can enter the value of the deposit she would like to make. The minimum value for deposits is $20.00, and the value should be entered as only digits and a decimal, so type "20" or "20.00" to deposit twenty dollars. When the parent clicks the Next button, this creates a transaction in TroopTrack's system, but doesn't yet make the actual money deposit. There will be a summary page to confirm that the value is correct, and a link to continue to Amazon where the parent can enter her credit card information and make the payment.


That's about It

This will deposit money into the Amazon account that was configured in the beginning, and in TroopTrack the records will show a deposit into the boy's account. A user with the privilege to manage money accounts can then create a transaction to the proper account to show where that money went.










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