Table of Contents

Adding Members

How to Get There

Adding a member to your troop is simple and there are a couple of ways to do so. Like most things, you can get there using one of the badge buttons.  Just click on the Manage badge then select Add a Member as shown below.

Another quick way is to select the Add Member button on the Patrols page.

The Add Member Form

Here's what the form looks like, annotated so that we can talk about the important parts.


General Note: Anything you add here can be changed later on.

Section 1: Member Name

You can add more details about your member's name such as a suffix or middle name by editing their profile after you add them, but just type in their first and last name to get started.

Section 2: Email

If you plan on sending this member an invitation to log in to TroopTrack an email address is required. Otherwise, you can skip it. It's okay to use the same email address for different members of your troop. This is commonly done in packs where a parent's email address is used for a cub scout.

Section 3: Member Type

Addding a member as a Scout will automatically set a scout up to earn awards when he is created.

Avaliable member types are:

  • Scout
  • Adult

Section 4: Patrol/Den

If you have already set up your patrols/dens/Units, then you can add a new member directly to it. Just pick the right one from the list. If you don't want to add a new member to one of them just leave it blank and move on. If you selected option 2 where you're adding the member from the Unit/Patrol page, this box will automatically be filled in for you.

Section 5: Access Level

Access level determines who else in the troop this member will be able to see. It doesn't determine what actions they can take on the other members, just lets them see information about them when they log in.

The available values are:

  • None - the user cannot log in
  • Self - the user only has access to information about themself
  • Household - the user has access to information about everyone in their household
  • Patrol/Den - the user has access to information about everyone in their patrol or den.
  • Unit - the user has access to information about everyone in your troop or pack.

If you choose "None" as an access level you will also want to choose "Add without inviting" when you save.

See Controlling Access and Activities for more information about this topic.

Section 6: Privileges

Privileges control what a user can do. As a general rule, the privileges you grant here apply to all the troop members they have access to based on their access level.

See Controlling Access and Activities for more information about this topic.

Section 7: Existing Household

You can add your new member directly to an existing household or households in your troop. Just select the households they are a part of with your mouse.  Once a household has been established, there is no need to enter the address again each time a member is added to it.


Section 8: New Household

If you are adding a member without any other family members in your troop yet, you can create their household by filling in the form. Make sure to give the household a name and fill in the address fields.  

Section 9: Send Invitation (not shown in above illustration)

When you've filled out the appropriate information, click this button to add the member and send them an email inviting them to log in to TroopTrack. It will include a link they can use to set their user name and password, like this:

Section 10: Add Without Inviting (also not shown in above illustration)

There are a number of good reasons to add a user without inviting them to log in to TroopTrack, including:

  • They are young scouts and don't have an email address
  • You are rolling TroopTrack out progressively to members of your Troop or Pack gradually

Whatever your reason, this button lets you do that. You will be able to track advancement, leadership, etc for any user you add without inviting, and if you decide to invite them later you can do that easily by managing their user account.