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Transfer Users Between TroopTrack Troops

Users that are moving from one TroopTrack troop to another are able to request that their data is transferred between them automatically. We will take care of the transfer and it won't change any of your data or your login details. Initiating a transfer is simple.

I just moved, what do I need to do to transfer my information?

Both you and the leader of the troop you're entering into need to submit a support request (Support>Get Help) containing the following information:

  1. Permission to initiate the transfer
  2. A comprehensive list of everyone in your family being transferred, don't leave anyone out
  3. Which troop you're moving into
  4. Which troop you moved out of

We will contact the leader of the troop you're moving out of and ask their permission before we transfer your information. If they're hard to reach it could take a while, so you might consider giving them a heads-up that we might be calling/emailing soon.

One of my members just moved out of the troop, what do I need to do?

There are two options. You can submit a support request (Support>Get Help) asking for people to be moved out of your troop and where they're being moved to. Make sure you provide a complete list of who is being moved since we won't move anyone that you've not specified in your transfer request.

The other option is to wait. If you don't need the members removed immediately, wait. Once they request to be removed from your troop we will contact you (phone or email) to approve the transfer of these users out of your troop. We won't remove anyone without your permission.

Somebody just moved into my troop, how can I transfer them from their old TroopTrack troop?

Submit a support request (Support>Get Help) including:

  1. Permission to transfer users into your troop
  2. A comprehensive list of all users coming into your troop
  3. Which troop the users are being transferred from

Once we have permission from everyone involved, we will be able to start the transfer.

IMPORTANT: What if I already added those people to our troop without doing a transfer?

Don't add people to your troop manually like that. Just adding them as a user won't transfer their achievement data or login information. It just creates a duplicate entry and wastes your time. You should DELETE the duplicate user that you made BEFORE you request a transfer. Thank you

Additional Details:

Multi-Destination Transfers:

Try to keep each support request limited to one source/destination. If you have multiple people moving out but going to different destinations, put them in separate tickets - this will speed up the rate at which we can process your transfer request. The transfers can be started as soon as we've received permission from leaders in both troops.


I'm the leader of BSA troop 1234 requesting a transfer of the following scouts from troop 1234 to 9876.
Here are the families being transferred:
Louis Robinson
Sandra Robinson
James Robinson
Fred Robinson
Benjamin Grey
Carl Grey
Stephanie Moore
Virginia Moore

I've contacted the leader of 9876 and you should recieve their transfer approval shortly.
Thank you!

Note: All these names are purely fictional. I literally just made them up. Any relation to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


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