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Bulk Transactions

A lot of our users ask about how they can record transactions for big events, or how they can charge users for yearly dues. The best way to handle these issues is by creating a bulk transaction. A bulk transaction can credit(add) or debit(subtract) the same amount of money from multiple accounts at once.


  • Users must already have a money account
  • Users may need to have a login to pay (depends on preference)

Creating the Bulk Transaction:

Start by clicking the Manage badge and then Money Accounts. At the top of the page, select Create a Bulk Transaction.

You will be presented with this:

For this section of the guide we will not be transferring between accounts, so we will select No.

Now we need to enter information about our transaction. We are debiting each account with $500. We selected our four youth accounts on the right hand side, and the date will be today, January 21st. Let's press Save to continue to the next step.

We will be asked to confirm the amount we've selected for each account. When we are ready we can press Submit...

And we are done! Let's check our money accounts to see their balance.

Looks like everything is in order! Some of the balances may be different than others if those accounts had a pre-existing balance.

Recording Payments

Now when a user pays you, press the "Transactions" button next to their account to record it. Click on New Transaction>Add Money (shown below).

Enter information into the field that appears and finish by pressing Create Money Transaction. Now their balance should be updated. Once their balance is positive again, you know they have paid enough money to their money account. Users can also add money to their money account without your interaction using PayPal or Stripe for a fee (if enabled).