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Money Account Basics

How To Get There

From the Manage Badge drop down menu as shown below:

Money Account Types

There are two types of accounts in TroopTrack: user accounts and troop accounts. 

Who Can Use It

Troop members can see any accounts that they are members of, but only troop members who have the manage_money_accounts privilege are able to see all accounts in the troop and add, edit, or delete accounts.

Create a Troop Account

To create a troop money account, just click "Add an Account" to get started. I've circled the location of the add account link below.


The following form will appear. Fill it out as shown, but make up your own name.


Click save. You now have a troop account!

You can create as many troop accounts as you want, but it's best to start simple with one.

If you use integrated event accounting, event related transactions will post against your FIRST troop account.

Create a Scout Account

Creating a scout account is similar to creating a troop account, except this time you designate an owner, like this.


Deposit Funds

To deposit funds into an account, first select the account in question by clicking "Transactions" from the main account view. Here's a screenshot of how this is done.


Once you are inside an account, you can add money to the account by clicking "Add a Transaction".

Choose the appropriate transaction. The following form will appear. I've filled it out to show you which fields you would normally use for a deposit.


Click save and the transaction will be recorded and visible in the account ledger, like this.


Withdraw Funds

Withdrawing funds is just like depositing them, except you will enter a negative number instead of a positive one, like so:


Once you save, the balance will be updated and the transaction will be listed in the account ledger, like this:


Transfer Funds

You can transfer funds between accounts. Just choose a fund to transfer money to, as shown below:

After you save, two transactions will be created: one in this account withdrawing $50, and another in the troop general funds DEPOSITING $50.

NOTE: If you delete either of these transactions both will be deleted.


Paying for events

Paying for an event is easy. When you RSVP through TroopTrack for an event, you will havewith the opportunity to pay for the event in the event details. You will just need to click the big-blue button that says 'Pay Now'.


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