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Requesting a Feature

Wouldn't it be great if...

You've got good ideas, and we're interested in hearing them. Many of our features started out as requests from users just like you. I should probably start naming features after the users who suggested them!

It's easy to submit a feature request. Just open a new Help Desk Ticket and tell us what you want!

To do this, simply follow these steps. Click Support>Get Help then type your feature request.

I can only do so many things at once.

I try to work on only one or two features at a time. The net effect of this is good - it means I finish them quickly, but it also means I only do them one feature at a time. So how do I prioritize the features?

It's definitely not rocket science.

I strive to listen to my users when I am prioritizing new feature development. I tend to focus on the feature requests that are asked for most frequently.