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What You Can Do

TroopTrack let's you create fundraisers to track the sales of your products, and to track how much each girl sells. Users with the Manage Fundraisers privilege can create and edit fundraisers.

How to Get There

You can get to the fundraisers page using the Manage badge menu. 

Creating a Fundraiser

On the fundraisers page, click the Create a Fundraiser link, and the following page will pop up:

Name: Give your Fundraiser an identifying name to remember it by.

Starts on: Enter the starting date.

Ends on: Enter the ending date.

Goal: Enter a goal for your troop to work towards.

Adding Products

Every fundraiser needs products for selling. Once you click the Add product link, the following fields show up.

Name: Give the product a descriptive name. If you're selling many types of cookies, for example, you might consider using names like "Peanut Butter Jumbos, Large Box." If your only selling one type of cookies, you could just enter "Cookies."

Your price: The price You pay for each unit of the product. If you buy 50 candles for $25, enter $2 here.

Retail price: The price you charge for each unit of the product. If you sell 3 candles for $7, enter $2.33 here.

Entering Sales

Congratulations! Your fundraiser is up and running. Now you just need to keep track of the sales as they come rolling in. Or, alternatively, you can record the total sales after the fundraiser is over. That's up to you.

To enter sales for a fundraiser, click the Record Sales link next the fundraiser. In the box that opens up, click the Add Sale link, and something like the following will appear:

Sold on: The date of the sale. Or, if you're entering all the sales at once, a date that represents the sale.

Sold by: The member who made the sale. Can be any adult or youth.

Fundraiser product: The product that was sold.

Quantity: How many units of the product were sold.

And You're Done

After entering the information and clicking the Update Fundraiser button, TroopTrack will calculate your total sales. This is displayed in the Results column of the fundraisers page:

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