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Third-Party Email Clients

If you are using a Third-Party Email client such as Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook and you experience encoding and/or formatting errors, these are likely the fault of the client. If these errors perist you should consider updating, upgrading, or changing your client. Most web-based clients like Gmail won't have these errors.

If for whatever reason you prefer/need to use Third-Party Clients, here are some things you can do to make them work better for you.

Any Client

  • Check to make sure your client is fully up-to-date
  • Check to make sure your client is configured correctly to recieve mail from your mail server
  • Make sure you have a stable connection to the internet
  • Ensure your TroopTrack email address is accurate
  • Report any issues to the developers of the software, not TroopTrack.*

Mozilla Thunderbird

Microsoft Outlook

  • No suggestions currently available.


TroopTrack does not officially support or promote the softwares or websites linked here and is in no way affiliated with these websites or the companies or individuals that own them. Links on this page lead to external sites that are unaffiliated with TroopTrack and are subject to change. TroopTrack is not responsible for the consequences of using these softwares and will not offer support regarding them. Use caution when downloading anything from the internet.

* Errors regarding the actual content of the email may be reported to TroopTrack, but when a client fails to recognize the basic formatting we use, it is the fault of the client not supporting our formatting. Our formatting works well for the vast majority of all internet users and we rarely have issues with anyone who is using regular web-based email.


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