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Controlling Access and Privileges

Default Privileges

By default, users are granted the following:

Access Level

All adults/parents will be able to see other members of their family. Unless you change their access level, they won't be able to see information about other members.



Adults and parents are able to view troop information that is not specific to a particular user. They are also able to upload photos.


What if I want to change it?

If you'd like to change their default privileges or access level, you can do so by visiting the privileges tab on their profile after creating them.


How to Get There

You can edit a user's access and privilieges from their profile. To get to a users profile, click People on the Navagation bar and then click on the user you'd like to edit. You can also get to their profile using the Manage badge.

Once you are on a user's profile, look for the section titled Privileges, as seen below:


Editing a user's access level and privileges is easy. Just click on the Edit button, fill out the following form, and click Save.



Access Levels Control Who a Member Can See

Access levels control WHO in the troop this user has access to. The following table describes each available access level.

User Access Table
Access Level Gives Them Access To...
None No one! Not even themself! This access level is generally reserved for users who never log in.
Self Just them. This is a common access level for scouts.
Household                    Every member of their household. This is a good access level for parents.
Patrol/Den Everyone in their patrol or den. This is a good access level for den leaders, patrol leaders, and adult leaders assigned to a patrol.
Unit/Troop Everyone in the troop or pack. This is a good access level for scoutmasters, cubmasters, advancement chairs, senior patrol leaders, etc.


Privileges Control What a Member Can Do

The second green box shows the privileges a user could be given. Check or uncheck privileges as appropriate and then click "Update User" when you are done.

Here are the privileges you can choose from:

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