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Online Payment

The Online Payments feature allows you to eaily set up how your online payments work.

  • You can now choose a default money account for event fees to post to.
  • You can choose to require payment to RSVP.
  • The settings page also includes information about the various payment providers we support or plan to support.

You can navigate there by going to Manage > Settings > Online Payment Settings.

Once there, you can then turn on the feature by clicking the button:

When you turn on the feature, you should see a screen like this:

Once here you can click any of the buttons to turn on the corresponding ability.

You can also set up the Default Money Account here:


This morning we added an important new feature: paying for event fees with credit cards. To turn on payment with credit cards, go to Manage -> Settings -> Online Payments. Then do this:
1) Click on the "Turn ON" button for allowing credit card payments.
2) Click the "Change" button next to the Credit Card Provider setting.
3) Choose "Stripe"
4) Set up your Stripe account

I recommend you also require payment to RSVP. You can override it for specific events, but it will make it easier to collect payment for events because members won't be able to RSVP without paying. When you create a more expensive event (like summer camp or high adventure) you can turn it off for just that event on the advanced tab of the event form.

If you have turned on the setting to allow paying for events from individual money accounts you will need to turn that off. We'll update this feature so you can use both simultaneously soon, but in the meantime you can only choose one.

A few important notes about this feature:

1) You will see two transactions for each payment in the account assigned to the event. The first will be a deposit for the total amount of the payment. The second will be a debit for the total amount of the credit card processing fees.

2) TroopTrack adds a 25 cent fee to each payment. This fee is non-refundable. 





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