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Important Note

You can import most of your data directly from BSA in seconds! This will make importing the rest of your data much easier. The first step is importing your BSA data using TurboNet. You can read how to use TurnoNet here. It is very important to import from TurboNet before importing from TroopMaster. You will be able to start using TroopTrack right away while you wait for us to import the rest of your data.

Heads up!

TroopMaster is currently struggling with the new 2016 BSA rank requirements, so it is not possible to import Ranks or Merit Badges from TroopMaster. Hopefully they resolve the problem soon so that normal importing may resume.


We will gladly load your data from TroopMaster for you. All you have to do is export it as a text file and attach it to a help desk ticket. Here are specific directions for generating the files we need:

TroopMaster Instructions

In TroopMaster, from the menu, select File ~ Export ~ ASCII Delimited.  A new window should pop up.
In the new window, confirm these options:
  1. Make sure "Include field names as first line of export" is checked
  2. Make sure "Format" has "Comma delimitted" set
  3. Make sure "Date Format" is "MM/DD/YYYY"
  4. In "Select Area", select "Scout Rank Dates"
  5. Between the "Available Fields" and "Fields To Export", click the "Add All" button.
Click the export button, and save the exported file somewhere.
Repeat this process for Scout Merit Badges.
Open a help desk ticket and attach your files. We can usually import them within a few days.