TroopTrack Product Updates

Various bug fixes 2017-03-25

We just released a number of changes, including:

- improvement to the WYSIWYG editor

- An OA eligibility report for BSA troops

- Sorting the participation report by last name, first name

- Made it easier to see total service hours by member

Also, we have a new phone number. It is 817-203-2423.

Have a great weekend.



BETA test the new Email Inbox 2017-03-11

This morning we made the new Email Inbox feature available as a BETA feature. You can learn more about it on the post below. We'll be posting instructions and information there throughout the morning.

We also released a tool for importing library items from CSV. Open a helpdesk ticket if you would like us to do that for you.



Public web sites of expired troops 2017-03-05

We just released a minor bug fix that was allowing expired troops & Trail Life Lite Troops to continue hosting their public web site on TroopTrack. From now on, visitors to sites like this will be prompted to log in if they visit a Trail Life Lite site and all others will receive a "page not found" message.


Editor fixes and more 2017-03-04

This evening we released a number of changes:

1) The WYSIWYG editor now displays the widgets for links or videos properly.

2) The word "receiving" is now spelled properly in various places.

3) The WYSIWYG editor scrolls without losing the toolbar.

4) BSA users receive a warning when they upgrade/downgrade ranks about data loss.


Privacy Policy Update and other changes 2017-02-27

Many of you have asked for a more detailed privacy policy than the simple one we have had in the past. In addition, we have been concerned that our simple policy was inadequate because it wasn't lawyer-ish. Well... with the help of our legal service, we have updated our privacy policy to be more comprehensive.

Along with the updated privacy policy, we have updated several features:

1) Makes the vehicle CSV export match the table by including license plate and other missing values

2) We changed the verbiage on money account entries that are transfers to show "from" and "to" so it's easier to understand.

3) BSA rank upgrades caused scouts to lose their "current rank" indicator in TroopTrack. We have found all affected scouts and updated their current rank.

We have posted this update in the TroopTrack community. Please post any feedback you have about this update there so we can track it better.


New rich text editor and more! 2017-02-23

Good evening! We just released two updates.

1) Trail Life "Lite" users are now able to update user privileges.

2) We have replaced the rich-text editor used in TroopTrack with a new one that is much more reliable and has features the old editor did not have, including the ability to embed videos and pictures from your TroopTrack photo albums.

Have a great night!



The WYSIWYG editor is dead. Long live the WYSIWYG editor. 2017-02-22

We've been having a lot of trouble lately with the page editor you use in various places in TroopTrack - it's been crashing a lot and several of its capabilities are broken. I've attached a picture of the editor below in case you don't immediately recognize what I'm talking about.
We've spent a lot of time trying to fix it up and have decided it's too messed up. Also, the developers of CKEditor have decided to go in a direction that makes it impossible for us to upgrade to newer versions of CKEditor.
As a result, we are going to switch to a different editor, called Trix. You can check out Trix's features here:
Trix is a simpler editor than CKEditor (the old editor we are killing), but it works extremely well, even on mobile devices, and has support for drag and drop inline images and attachments.
Trix is, in most ways, a big improvement over CKEditor. It will allow you to do inline images and attachments in event descriptions, emails, and other places where that wasn't previously possible. It also is much more reliable, allows us to control the uploaded files better, and is simpler to integrate with TroopTrack.
There is one particular aspect of it that you might not like if you have built a lot of web pages in TroopTrack - Trix will not allow you to resize images. You will need to set the image size before you drag it into your web page. It will also not let you customize the alignment and text wrap properties of Trix. Worse still, if you try to edit a page with resized/wrapped images after the upgrade, you will lose that formatting and will need to replace the images with properly sized images.
We understand this is going to be a pain for some of you. We are sorry about that. Trust us, we did everything we could to get CKEditor to work in our platform.
We plan to release this feature in a few days. In the meantime, please try out the trix editor using the link below.
Best wishes,

SAR Round Trip Miles & GSUSA Incomplete Achievements Book 2017-02-17

This evening we released two updates.

1) Round trip miles driven (used by Search and Rescue Units) are now included in the CSV export of the participation book.

2) The incomplete achievements book is now available to Girl Scout troops.

Have a great weekend,



Search and Rescue Participation Book 2017-02-13

This morning we released an update to the participation book for Search and Rescue groups - it now shows the total round trip miles driven and service in the table footer.


Trail Life USA "Lite" Bug Fix 2017-02-10

This morning we released a bug fix to allow Trail Life USA "Lite" users to update user profiles.


Various bug fixes 2017-02-06

We just release several fixes for irritating problems:

1) After an event is over, the list of who did or didn't attend was not in alphabetical order.

2) The participation book was crashing if you used a date range and no other filters.

3) The participation book was not summarizing tent nights or cabin nights.

4) The detailed report PDF available from a user profile did not include cabin nights.

5) The incomplete achievements book was including all custom awards in TroopTrack, not just the custom awards you use.

6) Deactivated members were showing up on the requirement details report.

These are all fixed now. Thanks for your patience!




More readable den/patrol/unit progress reports 2017-01-31

This morning we released a tweak to the den/patrol/unit progress report that makes them more readable by truncating the headers and only showing the full requirement when you hover. Like this:


TroopTrack Mobile for Android 2017-01-29

Good morning! TroopTrack Mobile for Android is finally finished and is available on Google Play. You can purchase it here:

Since this is a launch, it's likely there will be some issues. Please let us know about them by creating a new topic in the TroopTrack Mobile Category.



TurboNET Bug Fix 2017-01-23

We just pushed a minor update that fixes a TurboNET advancement report bug where 2016 cub scout ranks etc were not being reported to ScoutNET.


New for BSA units: Medical Info Book 2017-01-20

We just released a new feature for BSA units - a medical info book. Go to Manage -> Medical Book to check it out. You can use it to see who is up to date with their medical part A, B, and C.
We also fixed a bug exporting equipment to a PDF.
Happy Friday!

Only product updates after September 2014 appear here.