TroopTrack can help you transition from Youth Manage


Changing troop management solutions is a total pain. We get that - we deal with it every day as new customers try out TroopTrack.

It's even worse when you don't get a choice.

Which is why we have created a special Youth Manage "Soft Landing" package to help you get through the transition. Here's what our Soft Landing Package includes:

Extra Runway

We always offer a 30-day free trial, but if you are a current Youth Manage customer we will extend your free trial for as much time as you have left on your Youth Manage subscription.

To get started, first sign up for a free trial, then drop an email to and let us know how much runway you need - we'll get you set up.

Free Data Import

TroopTrack can import your data straight from BSA using our TurboNET roster import feature. In just a few minutes, we can load all your leaders, parents, and registered scouts, along with their completed ranks, merit badges, and more.

We can also import data from Youth Manage with our custom Youth Manage importer - just use the help desk to send us your Youth Manage export file and we'll make it happen.

Free Live Training

TroopTrack has a lot of features - it's a one stop shop for everything you need to manage your pack or troop. We'll help you and your committee members learn to use TroopTrack with our free live training over the web.

Signing up for free training is easy - there will be a prompt near the top of the screen you can use to submit your request.

Or give us a call at (817) 203-2423 to learn more.

We're open M-F 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM