More Than Advancement Tracking Software

TroopTrack was built from the ground up for use by everyone in your scouting unit, from parents and scouts to scoutmasters, den leaders, committee members, and merit badge counselors. It's designed to be accessible through any web browser on any device. You don't need to buy a special add-on product, sign up for an FTP server, or even know what an FTP server is.

Jumpstart your free trial by letting us import your TroopMaster data!

We can import your adult, scout, and advancement information from TroopMaster, PackMaster, and TroopMaster AHG. Instructions for exporting your data are included with the user guide.

Good Software Doesn't Sit Still

I try to make TroopTrack a little better every day. By listening to scouters, I aspire to understand their needs and create solutions for the problems they care most about. I hope TroopTrack customers will always bring me feedback, help me to understand the software from their perspective, and continue to influence TroopTrack's direction as they have from TroopTrack's early beginnings in 2008.

Dave Christiansen, Owner of

Enough talk! Compare TroopTrack & TroopMaster®, feature by feature

Feature TroopTrack™ TroopMaster®
Nothing to install Tick Cross
Secure access for everyone in your troop Tick Cross
Automated worry-free data backups Tick Cross
Support for simultaneous updates by multiple users Tick Cross
Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux Tick Cross Windows Only
Share data with other leaders Tick Tick
Works on smart phones Tick Tick
Accessible via the web Tick Tick
Send email messages to members Tick Tick
Email distribution lists that all troop members can use to communicate Tick Cross
Event management Tick Tick
Event invitation and reminder emails Tick Cross
Event RSVP and attendance tracking Tick Cross
Merit Badge and Advancement tracking Tick Tick
Track scouts, parents, leaders, and merit badge counselors Tick Tick
Manage medical, physical, insurance, and vehicle information Tick Tick
Track service projects and hours Tick Tick
Track progress on religious awards Tick Tick
Troop finance management Tick Tick
Customizable public website including subdomain name Tick Cross
Customizable private (secured) website Tick Cross
Online document library for sharing forms, checklists, etc. Tick Cross
Integrated help desk system Tick Cross
Customizable access levels for different users such as event planners, webmasters, quartermasters, etc. Tick Cross
Price $99/year or $10/month $111 - $139 per year*

* It's hard to compare TroopTrack and TroopMaster because you have to purchase multiple TroopMaster products in order to make a decent comparison. This comparison assumes that you have purchased TroopMaster,, and TroopMaster Web. The total price varies depending on whether or not you purchase a multiyear subscription.

This feature comparison is based on the feature lists and prices for a one-year subscription published on the TroopMaster® website as of May 1, 2010.

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