TroopTrack Product Updates

SAR Round Trip Miles & GSUSA Incomplete Achievements Book 2017-02-17

This evening we released two updates.

1) Round trip miles driven (used by Search and Rescue Units) are now included in the CSV export of the participation book.

2) The incomplete achievements book is now available to Girl Scout troops.

Have a great weekend,



Search and Rescue Participation Book 2017-02-13

This morning we released an update to the participation book for Search and Rescue groups - it now shows the total round trip miles driven and service in the table footer.


Trail Life USA "Lite" Bug Fix 2017-02-10

This morning we released a bug fix to allow Trail Life USA "Lite" users to update user profiles.


Various bug fixes 2017-02-06

We just release several fixes for irritating problems:

1) After an event is over, the list of who did or didn't attend was not in alphabetical order.

2) The participation book was crashing if you used a date range and no other filters.

3) The participation book was not summarizing tent nights or cabin nights.

4) The detailed report PDF available from a user profile did not include cabin nights.

5) The incomplete achievements book was including all custom awards in TroopTrack, not just the custom awards you use.

6) Deactivated members were showing up on the requirement details report.

These are all fixed now. Thanks for your patience!




More readable den/patrol/unit progress reports 2017-01-31

This morning we released a tweak to the den/patrol/unit progress report that makes them more readable by truncating the headers and only showing the full requirement when you hover. Like this:


TroopTrack Mobile for Android 2017-01-29

Good morning! TroopTrack Mobile for Android is finally finished and is available on Google Play. You can purchase it here:

Since this is a launch, it's likely there will be some issues. Please let us know about them by creating a new topic in the TroopTrack Mobile Category.



TurboNET Bug Fix 2017-01-23

We just pushed a minor update that fixes a TurboNET advancement report bug where 2016 cub scout ranks etc were not being reported to ScoutNET.


New for BSA units: Medical Info Book 2017-01-20

We just released a new feature for BSA units - a medical info book. Go to Manage -> Medical Book to check it out. You can use it to see who is up to date with their medical part A, B, and C.
We also fixed a bug exporting equipment to a PDF.
Happy Friday!

More bug fixes 2017-01-18

You may have noticed we are deploying lots of bug fixes lately. There are two reasons for this:
1) Bug fixes got backlogged when we were trying to figure out what was causing the Rails 5 upgrade to fail.
2) The Rails 5 upgrade introduced some bugs that we didn't catch in our testing.
I think we are getting caught up on these issues. I'm sorry for the inconvenience these bugs have caused and appreciate your supportiveness throughout.
That said, we just released some more fixes. Here they are:
- Training book was failing on mobile devices. Fixed.
- The user achievements API was still having trouble in certain scenarios, and only for BSA troops. Fixed.
- The API for uploading photos via the mobile app was failing. This may be fixed - we need to confirm it in the live environment.
- The API for creating new users was failing if you structured your call without a 'user' parameter. This no longer results in a crash.
Have a great day!

More bug fixes, mostly mobile 2017-01-18

More bug fixes:
1) Money book on mobile devices was crashing if you selected an account. Fixed.
2) The menu bar on large mobile devices (tablets) was hiding buttons. Fixed.
3) The api for creating events was failing. Fixed.
4) The patrol page on menu devices was drawing the unassigned patrol weirdly. Fixed.

More bug fixes 2017-01-17

We just released a bucket of bug fixes. Here are the deets:
1) TLUSA PM message feature was crashing loading the form. This is fixed.
2) Updating events using the "quick edit" feature of meeting schedules was not saving changes to the start or end time of meetings. FIXED.
3) The group reports were crashing. FIXED.
4) The money book was crashing on mobile devices. FIXED.
5) Another bug in the user achievements API was fixed, for those of you who are in the TroopTrack developer program.

Bug fixes - bulk money transactions and PM leader book 2017-01-16

We just released two bug fixes:
1) Trail Life USA Point Man leader book was crashing. This is fixed.
2) Bulk money transactions were failing. Also fixed.
Have a great day!
~ Dave

Mobile bug fixes and more 2017-01-16

We just released a bunch of bug fixes:
- Merit badge book on mobile devices was crashing
- Rank book on mobile devices was crashing
- Badge book for BSA Packs was crashing in certain cases
- We were calculating the PayPal transaction fees when they are paid by the user incorrectly
- When people are transferred from one troop to another we do a better job cleaning up data that shouldn't transfer with them.
All fixed. Have a great night!

Bulk money transactions & printing the rank progress report 2017-01-13

This morning we shipped two bug fixes:
1) Bulk money transactions were failing. This is now fixed.
2) Printing the rank progress report was failing. Fixed!
Happy Friday!

2016 Eagle Rank Requirements 2017-01-12

This morning I pushed up a fix for the 2016 Eagle rank requirements and a minor bug fix that I'm not sure how to explain but will make some pages work better.


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