New printable summary of money accounts

A lot of you posted comments about wanting to see a summary view of your money accounts on our facebook page this week, so here it is... Just go to Manage -> Money Accounts and click "PDF" -> Summary PDF. 


Didn't know we had a Facebook page? Want to check it out?


Minor feature: Deleting sign up sheets

New today - the ability to delete sign up sheets.


Weekly Newsletters & Announcements!

Have you ever wanted to send out a newsletter every week instead of once a month? Now you can! Just go to Communicate -> Newsletter to change your newsletter settings. You can also create announcements that will show up on each newsletter.

You can also preview what the email would look like if it went out today, and you can even send it out right away.

In order to create announcements you will need the manage announcements privilege.


Perforated Award Card Paper

Almost forgot to mention this... perforated award card paper is now available for purchase on TroopTrack... Just go to Achieve -> Print Award Cards to buy a pack of 800 cards.


Sign Up Sheets Now Available for Use!

Happy Halloween! Have we got a treat for you...

Sign up sheets are now available for your use, but you'll need to edit your privileges first.

Sign up sheets look very similar to checklists, with one major difference:

A checklist is a list of people who all need to do the same thing, like turn in a permission slip. A sign up sheet is a list of a bunch of things that you need volunteers for. 

Step One: Create the sign up sheet and invite some volunteers

Go to Communicate -> Sign Up Sheets. If you don't see that option you will need your privileges updated to include sign up sheets.

Step 2: Add some items to the sign up sheet

Once you save your sign up sheet you'll be able to add items to it, like this:

Step 3: Sign Up!

Everyone you've invited to your sign up sheet will have an assignment listed on their "My Assignments" page until the due date is passed. Once they volunteer for an item, that will also show up on their assignments page. Assignments are also included in the newsletter.



Support Outage on Friday, October 31st at 8:00 AM ET

TroopTrack will be down for a database upgrade Friday morning. This should be a brief outage and will start sometime between 8 and 9 am ET and should be over in less than an hour.


Security Patches for Poodle, Heartbleed, and MySQL

In the past few months we have seen a number of major security flaws exposed in the underlying systems that power the web. Some of them have had weird names, like Heartbleed and Poodle. Others have been less creatively identified, like a recent vulnerability announced by Oracle in the MySQL database engine.

At TroopTrack we take security vulnerabilities very seriously and we work with our infrastructure partners Trek10 and to patch them immediately when they are announced. 

In the case of the three vulnerabilities mentioned above, we began implementing the patches within hours of the vulnerabilities being announced and completed them as quickly as possible, usually within 48 hours. There were no known instances of hackers using these vulnerabilities to access TroopTrack servers or data.

Have a great weekend!




We just released a new communication feature called checklists. Checklists let you create a single task and assign it to a group of people and keep track of each person on the list completing the task. It includes communication tools for letting people on the checklist know about their assignment.

To use checklists, you must first add the manage checklists privilege to your profile.

For example, an advancement chair might create a check list called "Turn in all advancement information for the January award ceremony" with a due date of January 5 and then assign it to all unit leaders/scout masters/den leaders/etc.

The results?

1) The person who created it will see a form that shows everyone with the assignment with a checkbox to keep track of who's done it.

2) Everyone on the check list will get an email message asking them to complete the task.

3) Everyone on the check list will have a notification until they complete the task.

4) Everyone will have a new "assignments" menu item on the communicate badge to see all the things they've been asked to do.

5) Incomplete assignments are listed on the monthly newsletter of the person it's assigned to.

Eventually you will be able to attach check-lists to events as well.

This is a precursor to a similar feature, sign-up sheets, that I hope I will be working on soon.


Quick Message Conversations

Until today, replies to quick messages only went to the person who sent the original message. Now you can choose to send replies to everyone on the message instead. The image below shows you how to select this option.


Rank Books and Merit Badge Books for BSA Troops & Crews.

Answering questions about who's earned what has never been easier than this. You can use the filters on each book to drill down by patrol, scout, award, and partial/complete/awarded statuses. Next time someone asks "Who hasn't finished the swimming merit badge?", run straight to Achieve -> Merit Badge Book to get the answer.


Please help us be eligible for a grant...

We've applied for a Chase Mission Main Street grant for $150,000, but we won't be eligible without your help. We need at least 250 votes to be considered for the grant, so please go here to vote: See More

This is not a government grant. It is provided by Chase Bank to small for-profit businesses.


Free Tours!

Yesterday I added a tour feature to TroopTrack. If you are new to TroopTrack or feeling unfamiliar with it, just go to Support -> Free Tour to get a guided tour. 

Also, I am working on a feature to let you turn quick messages into discussions. When it goes live you will be able to choose to have replies sent just to you or to the whole group. If you choose the whole group, replies will go to everyone on the original email and they will show up in a thread on the recent messages list. I'm hoping that feature will go live soon, but it's going to require a more extensive code review than normal new features and it may be a while.


Mailboxes coming soon!

Over the weekend I worked on a new email feature called Mailboxes. A mailbox lets you create an email address that anyone in the troop can send to and gets forwarded to anyone you choose. You could use this, for example, to create an email address for different roles in your troop that won't change even though the people who fill those roles do (i.e. Like mailing lists, you must have an email address in TroopTrack to send email to the mailbox. Unlike mailing lists, you don't need to be an authorized sender - it's for everyone with an email address in your unit.

I've also redesigned the Communicate menu a bit to separate magic mailing lists from custom mailing lists. Having them together was confusing a lot of people.

Hopefully this new feature will be released later this week once we finish testing and code review.


Badge Books

Check out the new Badge Book feature available to Cub Scout Packs, Trail Life USA Troops, AHG Troops, Girl Scout Troops, and Scouts Australia Groups. You can use it to get lots of information about achievements (earned and partially complete) in one place and you can export the results to CSV.

To get there, click Achieve -> Badge Book. There are filters for your subgroups (patrol, den, unit, etc), award types, specific awards, completed, and awarded. 

After you try it, I'm interested in your feedback, especially to this question: do you want to be able to "save" the filters you use as a re-usable badge book so that you can come back to it any time you want without resetting the filters?

We'll add this feature for Boy Scout Troops very soon.