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Only PM and non-troop adult applications are being received now. Check back once your troop is officially chartered to enter your troop leaders.


  1. Complete the member application form below.
  2. Provide credit card information for your $26 annual membership fee.
  3. Download the pastoral recommendation package and provide it to your pastor electronically or in printed form.
  4. Information in your application will be reviewed and verified. Once a decision has been made you will receive an email informing you of your membership status.

The $26 membership application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

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If you have ever changed your last name or gone by any name other than the name provided above, please list them here
It is IMPERATIVE that you provide your CORRECT social security number and birthdate.

A valid social security number is required for all adult members. This information is used to order a criminal background check which is required of all adult members. Failure to provide your correct birthdate and social security number could invalidate your membership application and cause unnecessary expense to Trail Life USA. If this occurs you may be required to pay the membership fee a second time.

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Optional. Trail Life USA uses ethnicity data for membership composition informational purposes only.
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