Electronic chartering is TRAIL LIFE U.S.A.’s only method of chartering units.

We spent a lot of time listening to folks about the challenges they've had in running their boys' program. Over and over we heard the same thing ... the paperwork is overwhelming!

In response, we set out to create the most advanced youth management program we know of. It eliminates almost all paperwork involved in chartering, registering members, ordering awards, maintaining attendance, managing troop schedules, and more. Once you enter into this system you will wonder how you ever managed in the past!

Your Pre-Charter application is the first incremental step in this process. You can easily work through the application process at your own pace. There are multiple steps involved. Please do not be discouraged if it takes longer than desired to get everything in place; it is important that the organizing process be extremely thorough so that the best possible leaders are selected, youth safety is assured, the program is established for long-term success, and you are on your way to managing your unit with ease.

So ... let's get started!

What happens next?

TRAIL LIFE officials will make sure the information is in order and will contact the Chartering Organization’s representative to complete the process.