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Babysitter (Girl Scout Troop)

Most say 12 is the magic age when they began to babysit. This badge will help you to become the best babysitter you can be.

  • 1. Get to know how kids develop

    Different age groups have different wants, needs, behaviors and abilities, find out more here.

    Do one:

    a. Observe kids in person for at least one hour b. Ask an expert c. Find information at the library or online

  • 2. Prepare for challenges

    Be prepared for anything, from an easy going child to one that will put you to the test every minute. Most important, BE SAFE.

    Do one:

    a. Attend a babysitter training course b. Interview five moms about what they expect from a babysitter c. Interview five experienced babysitters, nannies, or child-care specialists

  • 3. Focus on Play

    Become familiar with playtime choices, take notes and as always Be Safe.

    Do one:

    a. Interview an educational toy or game creator b. Observe kids at a toy store for two hours c. Volunteer for at least two hours

  • 4. Find potential employers

    You have a good start now with studying the needs of different children and getting training. Now it is time to put it on the market.

    Do one:

    a. Market yourself b. Create a questionnaire to give to family, friends and neighbors c. Conduct interviews with potential employers

  • 5. Practice your babysitting skills

    Starting out you may want to be a parent’s helper, help an older girl out, or co-sit with a friend. Be sure to have all the information you need for the family your working for.

    Do one:

    a. Come prepared for a game b. Make a tasty snack c. Plan a fun craft