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Trailblazing (Girl Scout Troop)

Learn your outdoor skills, explore nature and take on physical challenge

  • 1. Start planning your Adventure

    Girl Scout Motto – BE PREPARED! Make a plan.

    Do one:

    a. Ask an older Girl Scout or Girl Scout volunteer for tips b. Check with a member of a local trekking club c. Do it yourself

  • 2. Get your body and your teamwork skills ready

    Being prepared for hiking mentally and physically is important. With your group, practice hiking in the shoe you plan to wear and your backpacks loaded.

    Do one:

    a. Participate in a physically challenging team-building course b. Build teamwork and endurance c. Try a “boot camp” exercise course

  • 3. Create your menu

    When out back packing you need to plan your meals carefully. You need meals that are light, and easy to make meals.

    Do one:

    a. Find three recipes for quick meals b. Get into quick-energy snacks c. Take the trash challenge

  • 4. Gain some trailblazing know how

    As a group figure out who needs to learn skills that would best fit and help them.

    Do one:

    a. Learn how to purify water b. Practice navigating with a map and compass or GPS unit c. Pitch your tent three times in three different loctions

  • 5. Head out on the trail

    While out on the trail, practice “Leave no trace” and take time to bond with your group and your experience together

    Do one:

    a.Play stuff-sack dramatics b. See the stars c. Tell a progressive story