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Woodworker (Girl Scout Troop)

Learning to do it yourself, and develop skills with a hammer, saw and level. Gain a sense of accomplishment and have a unique one of your kind piece to show for it or, share it.

  • 1. Swing a hammer

    Time to get some scraps of lumber at a lumber yard or hardware store and learn how to hit the nail on the head.

    Do one:

    a. Write your name in nails b. Make a design with nails on wood c. Create a sculpture

  • 2. Keep it level

    Level and plumb, that’s how you want your project to be; here you learn to use your tools.

    Do one:

    a. Level up b. Make it right c. Do a survey

  • 3. Use a screwdriver

    Regular or Powered screwdrivers, it is time to try them out. Use the following steps to figure out which you like best or works best.

    Do one:

    a. Fix loose screws b. Attach it, detach it c. Build with a scrwdriver

  • 4. Saw some wood

    Learn how a miter saw works and try a hand saw too. Practice in a step below.

    Do one:

    a. End the alphabet b. Square it off c. Make a simple doll

  • 5. Build something yourself

    Time to put your new skills to the test and make something that can be used.

    Do one:

    a. Build with your expert b. Build with home improve’rs c. Build at a craft store or artisan workshop