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Book Artist (Girl Scout Troop)

Making a book is an old art. For many years people have been putting their stories and binding them for their story to be told. Take the time to learn the artisn way of making a book and telling your story!

  • 1. Explore the Art of Bookbinding

    For centuries people have been finding ways to save and pass on there stories. Learn creative ways you can bind and share yours.

    Do one:

    a. Survey a book collection b. Interview or visit a book artist or a bookbinder c. Tour a book art center or art museum. .

  • 2. Get familiar with the insides of a book

    Before starting your book, look into how they are made. Learn how to repair books to keep yours in good shape and help others.

    Do one:

    a. Mend an old book b. Take an old book apart c. Visit an antique or rare bookseller

  • 3. Try out book artist techniques

    You only need a few things to get started, paper, regular thread, glue and yourself. You can look for instructions online, talk to an expert or take a class.

    Do one:

    a. Fold method and glue method b. Fold method and stitch method c. Glue method and stitch method

  • 4. Focus on function

    It’s time to take what you have learned and make your own.

    Do one:

    a. Make and organizational book b. Make a scrapbook, memory book or personal journal

  • 5. Focus on style

    Books can be a work of art. Express your style in how it looks.

    Do one:

    a. Make a book from something unexpected b. Try a different binding technique or alter a book c. Get creative with the definition of “book”