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Screen Writer (Girl Scout Troop)

Screenwriters write the scripts for movies and shows. What do you like about your favorite shows? Get inspired, and see what you can write.

  • 1. Decide what makes a good script good

    Think about your favorite shows and how they are put together. Look at the characters, situations and scenery and how the elements work together

    Do one:

    a. Watch one movie or three shows in your favorite genre b. Host a script-dissection party with friends c. Read two scripts

  • 2. Come up with an idea for a story

    Get started with the basics, a beginning (situation), middle ( builds to a climax) and end (addresses the situation)

    Do one:

    a. Look into your own life b. Add to a story you already know c. Play story maker

  • 3. Get to know your characters

    For any story you need a protagonist and an antagonist ( like a good person and bad person) Write what they are to be like, what they look like, how they act, things they do.

    Do one:

    a. Spend some time people watching b. Exaggerate details about people you’re familiar with c. Mix and match

  • 4. Build the plot

    Once you have the characters outline the situation and how to resolve it and put the characters in action.

    Do one:

    a. Fill out the worksheet using your imagination b. Find you plot twist in the news c. Use plot twist from a familiar story

  • 5. Write a 12 page script and share it

    Put it all together with details. Who stands where, does what and how are they to act.

    Do one:

    a. Work solo b. Work with a friend c. Work with a mentor