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Science of Happiness (Girl Scout Troop)

Your life is the laboratory, you and the people around you are the test subject. Experiment, the goal, making your world a happier place. Don’t forget to keep a journal and track your progress!

  • 1. Make yourself happier

    There are lots of things that make you happy for a little while. Get more engaged with things that bring meaning to your life.

    For two weeks Do one:

    a. Get into a state of flow b. count three blessings c. Stop and smell the roses

  • 2. Think differently for happiness

    You may not be able to change things that happen around you but you can change how you think, feel and respond to them.

    For two weeks Do one:

    a. Focus on what’s realistic b. Try to use your strengths c. Be happy for others

  • 3. Get happy through others

    `Relationships are a good way to interact with people, and caring about others helps us to be happy.

    Do one (at least twice):

    a. Make a gratitude visit b. Write a forgiveness letter c. Make something meaningful

  • 4. Do a helpful happiness experiment

    The science of how you think is called psychology. Just like physical exercise keeps you healthy, being happy keeps your spirit strong.

    Do one:

    a. Design your own five-question happiness survey b. Try quick polling c. Focus on one friend

  • 5. Create a happiness action plan

    Now look over your notes at what makes you happy and put it into action.

    Do one:

    a. Find a happiness helper b. Create an inspiration collage with the five top tips that help you stay happy c. Create a “Bliss Box”