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Butterflies (Council’s Own Try-It) (Girl Scout Troop)

Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida To earn the Butterflies Try-It girls need to complete the following: ? Brownie Girl Scouts: 4 Activities (including #4 )

  • 1 Butterfly Garden

    Design, plant and maintain a Butterfly Garden to attract butterflies. You could ask to plant it at school, at church, at a nursing home or even for your community. Check with your local garden center or online for guidance on what to plant. Some ideas are Milkweed, Passion vine, Cassias, and White vine. Some other nectar flowers are Mexican Flame, Pagoda Flower and Pentas. Flowers will produce nectar and plants can host space for egg laying. You could also place a nectar feeder in your garden. Milkweed seeds are available from Amazing Butterflies – Seed Promotion, 3003-C8 Yamato Road #1015 , Boca Raton , FL 33434 , 1-800-808-6276, Send a self addressedstamped envelope with your $2. donation for the seeds. Be sure to request growing instructions too

  • 2 Color and Label a Butterfly

    Draw and color a butterfly native to Florida. Examples are the Monarch, Zebra Long wing, Queen, Julia, Giant Swallowtail, or the endangered Miami Blue. Check the beautiful Florida Butterflies Field Guide available at the council shop, a field guide you may have at home, the library, or the internet. Label the parts of the butterfly. Are all butterfly bodies the same?

  • 3 Monarch Migration

    Every year millions of Monarch butterflies fly up to 2200 miles to their wintering grounds in Mexico . Environmental problems throughout the Monarch’s vast range have turned this wondrous passage into an endangered biological phenomenon. Find out about the migration of the Monarch! Some good web sites are: (type monarch migration in the search box – choose #1) and monarchs.html You will find many other web sites as well as books and field guides about the event at the library. Try “” and type in butterflies!

  • 4 Life Cycle Study

    Find out about the life cycle of the butterfly. Starting with the courtship, mating, egg laying, caterpillar stage, pupae stage and finally their emergence as a beautiful butterfly! Use the internet, library and/or your own books

  • 5 Colorful Butterfly Wings

    Find out what makes up the color patterns of butterflies’ wings. Use the Internet, library, and/or your own books.

  • 6 Write a Poem or Tell a Story

    Junior girls should write a poem or a story, factual or “make-believe”, about butterflies. Brownies can tell a story, draw it, or write it, according to their wishes.

  • 7 Butterfly Habitat

    Construct a cage for caterpillars. Remember to supply them with plenty of room to move, appropriate food and lots air circulation, and remember not to leave your cage in the hot sun. For help with building a good cage and learning how to set it up, try the website or the library. Perhaps a girl in the troop has a book at home to consult. Keep a journal of the changes you see. Release the butterflies when they emerge.

  • 8 Visit a Butterfly Center- Learn about the Scientists who Work with Butterflies

    What is a Lepidopterist? Learn about what role they play for butterflies. What do you have to do to be a Lepidopterist? How long does it take? Talk to a Naturalist and learn what they do for butterflies. How do you learn to be a Naturalist? Visit a butterfly center and see first hand – their breathtaking beauty and their whole life cycle.

  • 9 ACTIVITY #9: Endangered!

    Learn the names of the five endangered Florida Butterflies, and try to find a picture of each. (The Field Guide at the shop lists them) Do some research and have a discussion: “What can we do to help.