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Bicycling (Council Own Brownie) (Girl Scout Troop)

Bicycling is a Brownie Try-It from the Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts Council.

Purpose: This Try-It was created to promote bicycle safety and physical fitness. Girls must complete four of the following six requirements to earn the Bicycling Try-It.

  • 1 Rules of the Road

    Following the rules, laws and etiquette on the roads are important to safe bicycle riding. Learn and practice the rules of the road for each of the following situations: Which side of the road do you travel on when riding a bicycle? What do you do at an intersection? What do you do at a traffic light or stop sign?

  • 2 Hand Signals:

    Learn and practice the hand signals for making RIGHT / LEFT turns and stopping

  • 3 A Safe Bicycle

    Learn what a safe bicycle should have, such as hand brakes and/or coaster brakes, handle grips, reflectors/lights, chain guard, pedals, horn/bell, etc. Learn how to tell if a bicycle is the right size for yo

  • 4 Helmets:

    Learn why it is important to wear a helmet and find out how to be sure it is the right fit for you. What other personal safety equipment can be used while bicycling?

  • 5 What to bring

    Find out what items you may want to take with you when bicycling like a water bottle, tire pump, air gauge, first aid kit, lock or a tire patch kit.

  • 6 Adventure Out!:

    Plan and go for a ride on your nearest bicycle path, local park or somewhere away from traffic. Do not forget to wear a helmet and enclosed comfortable shoes!