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Dancer (Girl Scout Troop)

Explore the world of dancing – found the dancer inside of me

New Brownie Badge Brownie Quest Journey

  • Warm up and get moving

    Make sure your body is ready to move! Learn a 10-minute routine that will help your body get ready for dancing. Practice it before all the dancing you do in this badge. Do one of the following: - Get flexible or - Make your warm-up animal themed or - Use the music

  • Try a new Dance

    The world is full of snappy rhythms and amazing dances – from Chinese dragon dances and Latin cha-cha to West African welcome dances and all-American country line dancing. Try some steps new to you. Do one of the following: - Do some famous moves or - Ask a dancer for help or - Try Dancercise

  • Take to the floor like a dancer

    There’s more to dancing that the steps! Dancers use their entire bodies- from the balls of their feet to the smiles on their faces – te express the music and make sure the audience is having a much fun as they are. Do one of the following - Head to the studio or Team up with and adult to find performance tips at the library or online or Pretend your a Girl Scout in the 1930.

  • Make up your own dance

    Choreography your own three-minute dance. Do one of the following: - Create a special-occasion dance or - Use dance to tell a story or - Make up a dance to your favorite song

  • Show your moves!

    Take all the dancing you’ve learned and become a performer. Hold your head high and have all the fun of a Brownie Dancer. Do one of the following: -Throw a dance party or - Perform a dance show for your community or -Perform a dance for your family