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Hobbies (GS Retired) (Girl Scout Troop)

Retired from GS National, may be hard to find

Complete 4 to earn the badge

  • Your Talents, Interests, Hobbies

    Most people start a hobby because they are interested in a topic or an activity or because they are good at doing something. You are exploring many new things in Brownie Girl Scouts. Look through this book. What activities do you like the most? Make a list. Would these make good hobbies? Before starting any hobby, you should ask yourself these questions: Then, talk about starting a hobby with your family.

    Do you think this hobby will be fun? Can I afford this hobby? Will I have space to do this hobby? Will this hobby hurt the environment? Is this hobby safe? Do I have enough time for this hobby?

    Discuss your answers with a parent or guardian

  • Types of Hobbies

    Make a list here of things you can collect:

    Maybe you have already begun a collection and don’t even know it! Look around your home. Do you already have two or three or more things that can make a collection?

    Make a list here of sports hobbies:

    Make a list here of hobbies that involve making things:

  • Organizing Your Hobby

    If you are starting a collection, try organizing it. Give each thing a special label with its name and other important information. Arrange your collection to show it off. Your collection should be easy and attractive to see. If you can, go to a museum to see how collections of paintings, fossils, or dinosaur bones are arranged. Do the arrangements at the museum give you any ideas for organizing your own collection?

  • Practicing Your Hobby

    Your hobby should give you lots of enjoyment, so make time for it. Once you have practiced your hobby for awhile, try teaching it to a friend or family member.

    Sunday ______ Monday ______ Tuesday ______ Wednesday ______ Thursday ______ Friday ______

  • Making and Example

    If your hobby is making things, like knitting, drawing, or building models, create and display an example to show other people how your craft is done.

  • Show and Tell

    The other girls in your troop might choose hobbies very different from your own. Host a day of show and tell. Girls can describe their hobbies, display things they have made or collected, and help other girls get started with the same hobbies. You might invite a parent or guardian and your troop leader to show and tell hobbies as well.