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Point, Click and Go (Retired Old Program) (Girl Scout Troop)

For Brownie Girl Scouts Learning to use a computer is fun. The computer can help bring ideas to life with words, pictures, colors, and numbers, but you must take care of it. Protect computers from food and spills, and keep magnets, which can also harm computers and disks, away from the computer. Complete four activities.

  • Making the Computer Work

    If you have never used a computer before, ask someone to teach you how to: • Turn on the computer and start a program you want to use. • Use the mouse to move around on the screen. Point, click, and go! • Handle disks and CD-ROMs to keep them clean. • Save files you create. • Print your work. • Shut down the machine when you are finished.

  • Writing a Story

    Use a computer to write a story or poem. OR Write a story with a group of friends. One girl writes the first sentence. Another writes the next one. Someone else writes a third, and so on. Find out if your computer can check spelling. If so, spell-check your story and see what happens. What changes did you need to make? Print the story and add drawings to make it fun.

  • Playing a Game

    Lots of games have been created for computers. Ask a family member or teacher to help you get a computer game, and play it with a friend. What do you like about the game? How would you change it to make it more fun or challenging?

  • Creating

    Use a computer to make a party invitation, thank-you note, poster, or stationery. Print your creation and share it with others. OR Draw shapes like circles, squares, ovals, and stars on the computer and make your own design.

  • Numbers

    Use a computer to do math. Learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers with the computer. OR Make up a computer puzzle that uses numbers. Print the puzzle and ask others to solve it.

  • Talk Time

    Some computers are linked by telephone line or satellite so people can send messages to each other. Go online with an adult and send messages to other girls using computers. Many online services provide safe places for kids to talk to each other. Ask your adult helper about times when you can do this together. OR Use a computer to learn more about Girl Scouts in other places. Try visiting: • International Girl Scouting: World Thinking Day Tour • World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Web site OR Visit an Internet site with information about a hobby, ideas for a Brownie Girl Scout meeting, or homework help.