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Computer Smarts (Retired Old Program) (Girl Scout Troop)

The computer is not only a useful tool. It also opens a door to cool places, new ideas, and tons of information. “Be prepared” is a great motto for this Try-It. You should earn your Point, Click, and Go Try-It or have the skills needed for that Try-It before doing this one. To earn this Try-It, you must start with the first activity

  • Be Prepared

    With an adult as your partner, learn to use an Internet browser. In the address slot, type in the address of the Girl Scout Web site: This tells your computer exactly where to go. Are you there yet? Next, read and discuss the Internet Safety Pledge with your adult partner. Print it out and sign it.

  • Open the Door

    Travel to at least three sites that appear below. What safety rules should you follow? Learn how to return to this page by using direction arrows on your browser window. • has great information and super links to government resources. And it is fun! kidsnteens1.html • Internet Public Library Story Hour. Some really great stories to read aloud. StoryHour • NASA’s The Space Place has lots of fun activities for all ages. • PBS Kids has all your favorite public TV characters and shows. • Safe-A-Roonie. This safety site rocks! Lots of good information as well as fun for both girls and parents. These links are meant to start you off on your exploration in cyberspace. Don’t forget to visit our own Girls Only Web site. Girl Scouts of the USA does not maintain the content of other Web sites and does not endorse any products you may find there. Remember to be a safe Internet explorer on your trip away from our site and please let us know if any of these links do not work. Some of these Web sites have guest books for visitors. Please remember to use only your first name or nickname when you write a message and avoid leaving your email address in any public or commercial page.

  • Finding a Favorite

    Travel to, a search engine just for kids. Check out the categories with your adult partner and find one that interests you. Then use the search engine to find information about a topic. Share what you find with others.

  • Can You Believe Everything You See?

    With your adult partner, can you find a site that has ”.com” (commercial) at the end of its name? That means the company sells something. What does it sell? Does it give you useful information? How is advertising online the same as or different from what you see on television or in magazines? What should you do if asked for your name and email address? Talk with an adult who has purchased something online. What things did she or he consider before making a purchase?

  • Making a Chart

    Learn how to make a chart with your computer. Make a kaper chart like the one below for a meeting, campout, or activity. If you have a color printer, experiment with coloring the letters and coloring cells in your table. WANT TO EXPLORE SOME MORE? Kids Search Engines ( ksearch.htm) is a great place to search for specific topics. It is a service of the Ramapo Catskill Library system. We suggest that you go with an adult and bookmark this page for future reference. Be sure to review the Internet Safety Pledge first!

  • Computers and Work

    Computers are needed in many different jobs. Talk with someone who uses a computer in her work. How does she use it? How does it make her job easier?

  • Computers at Play

    Play an online game or answer a poll or quiz on the Girls Only Web site.