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Zoological Try-It (Council Own Oregon) (Girl Scout Troop)

Learn about Zoos and thier animals

Council Own Try It from Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington

To earn this Try-It, complete FOUR of the following activities

  • Field Trip

    Visit a wildlife center such as the Oregon Zoo, the High Desert Museum or Wildlife Safari, pick your favorite animal and fi nd out more about that animal from the display at the zoo or books. Create a skit or play to perform for other members of your Girl Scout Troop

  • Meat or Vegetables

    Learn what a carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore are and how they are different. See how many animals of each kind you can fi nd at the zoo and create a list. Create a poster or other visual presentation of your fi ndings

  • Observation

    Observe two or more different animals at the Oregon Zoo. Watch their movements and imitate them. Put these movements together to form a dance. Teach other girls in your Girl Scout Troop your dance!

  • Alphabet Name

    Name an animal for each letter of the alphabet. Make up a song using your list of animals

  • Create Your Own Zoo

    Create your own zoo exhibit using a shoebox. Pick a favorite animal; learn about its habitat and what it needs to survive. Then create an imaginary habitat using the box and a variety of materials.

  • Endangered Species

    Create a poster about an endangered species and share what you have learned with others