Find a Troop Special Opportunity Awards

Safety Award (Ambassador) (Girl Scout Troop)

  • 1.

    Pick a safety issue important to you, and organize a forum where other teens can discuss the issue.

  • 2.

    Talk to younger Girl Scouts about Internet safety and the safe use of social media.

  • 3.

    List your duties as a counselor-in-training, volunteer-in-training, or in other leadership roles you hold. Carry the list with you, and use it to make sure you’ve covered all your bases when making a safety plan for trips and events.

  • 4.

    Talk to a counselor, social worker, or someone who works at a local women’s shelter to find out more about how to stay safe while dating.

  • 5.

    Pick a sport or outdoor activity you enjoy. Find out how rules, training, and safety equipment are designed to protect players.