Find a Troop Senior Badges & Journeys

Senior Journey Summit Award (Girl Scout Troop)

Complete all three journey’s.

  • GIRLTopia-Visionary

    Complete all three steps.

    • Create it

      an artistic representation of an ideal world to share with others;

    • Guide it

      lead a discussion or group activity that engages other girls in thinking about visionary leadership.

    • Change it

      complete a Take Action Project that moves the world (or a community) one step closer to ideal.

  • Sow What?-Harvest

    Complete the following

    • 1

      Get your leader print going! Here’s the path: Identify, and dig into, a food or land issue, tapping some community experts as you go. Just choose an issue that allows you to use your unique talents and learn something new, too!

    • 2

      Capture your vision for change in a Harvest Plan that includes: Your very own “So What?”—your goal, why it matters, how it will benefit both the planet and people. Say it in a way that gets others interested and involved! Show how even simple actions and decisions impact the larger food network. Remember: There’s no need to go it alone. Who can you turn to for input and support? What specific impact do you hope to have? Name it! And when you have executed your plan, check back. Have you achieved it? Maybe you will have achieved other results, too, especially if you find yourself needing to adjust your plans along the way. Your project can be big or small, depending on your time and interest. Either way, strive for a sustainable impact. You may push for a new policy or for a change in an existing one. You don’t need to start something from scratch.

    • 3

      Now, create change—execute your plan by advocating to influence a food policy or land-use effort (yes, you can!), or by educating and inspiring others to act on a solution you identify.

  • Mission: Sisterhood

    Seniors understand the power of sisterhood in their own lives and in the world. Girls define a sisterhood issue, create a plan for how to Take Action and put it in place!