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My Promise, My Faith Pin (Girl Scout Troop)

You can earn this pin once a year, every year you are in Girl Scouts. Just choose a different line of the Law each year.

  • 1

    Pick a line from the Girl Scout Law. Find a hymn, psalm, prayer, reading or ritual of your faith that relates to it. Think about how this shows a connection between your faith and what you’ve learned in Girl Scouting.

  • 2

    Interview a woman in your own or another faith community who can talk to you about how she tries to act in her life based on that line of the Law. Ask her to give you examples of what the line of the Law means to her and how she tries to follow it in her daily life.

  • 3

    Find three inspirational quotes by women that fit with that line of the Girl Scout Law. Put them somewhere you can see them every day to remind you to live that line of the law.

  • 4

    Make something, like a drawing, painting, or poster, that reminds you of what you’ve learned. You could also write a story or develop and perform a skit.

  • 5

    Make a commitment to live what you’ve learned. You may want to talk to your friends, family, or group in your faith community about how you plan to live what you’ve learned in your daily life. Maybe you’d enjoy showing them what you just made or performing your skit! You can also choose to make a private commitment to yourself.