Find a Troop Special Opportunity Awards

Safety Award (Brownie) (Girl Scout Troop)

It’s important to stay safe in your daily life and when you go on Brownie Adventures!

  • 1

    Talk to a teacher, parent or another adult about how to stay safe at school. Make a list or poster of the three most important rules for playgound safety or safety on the school bus.

  • 2

    Get a map of your neighborhood or town and mark where the police station, fire station and other important points are located.

  • 3

    Find out how your smoke alarm works. Test the one at your home so you know what it sounds like and to make sure it is working.

  • 4

    Choose an upcoming trip you plan to take – to a carnival, amusement part, the mall or even just the grocery store and make a safety plan with an adult. Find out what to do it a stranger approaches you in a public place.

  • 5

    Find out what natural disasters are most common in your area (earthquakes, blizzards, hurricanes, tornados, floods). Discuss with your family or another adult what to do when they happen.