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Senior Tracker (Baden Powell Service Association Troop)

  • 1

    PREREQ: Pass or have passed the Observer Badge

    BPSA Troop
  • 2

    Recognize and explain 2 different characteristics in each of 3 different human footprints, barefoot or shod

    BPSA Troop
  • 3

    Solve with reasonable accuracy, 3 tracking stories in sand, snow or other suitable material

    BPSA Troop
  • 4

    Make 6 plaster casts of birds, animals, car or bicycle tracks. All casts to be taken unaided and correctly labeled with date and place of making. Two at least to be of wild birds or animals

    BPSA Troop
  • 5

    Lay a trail of at least 1/2 mile in length containing at least 4 different kinds of signs made of natural materials. 40 to 60 signs to be used and the route over ground to be unfamiliar to the Pathfinder. The trail to be followed by Pathfinders of Second Class standard.

    BPSA Troop