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Starman (Astronomer) (Baden Powell Service Association Troop)

  • 1

    Demonstrate with diagrams, drawings or models a good general knowledge of the nature of the sun, moon, stars and planets, their relative sizes, their apparent movements, and the cause of eclipses.

    BPSA Troop
  • 2

    Be able to point out and name – The Big Dipper, The Little Dipper, Cassiopeia, Orion (if visible), Polaris, two bright stars other than Polaris, and any planets visible to the eye at the time of the test.

    BPSA Troop
  • 3

    Show how to find Polaris using the Big Dipper, and how to use the stars to find north when Polaris is obscured.

    BPSA Troop
  • 4

    Explain how to use the position of the sun to find north in the daytime.

    BPSA Troop
  • 5

    Explain what factors, including light pollution and air pollution, affect viewing objects in the night sky.

    BPSA Troop
  • 6

    Explain how to safely view the sun, objects near the sun.

    BPSA Troop