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Healthyman (Baden Powell Service Association Troop)

  • 1

    Know the importance of keeping the heart, lungs, skin, teeth, feet and stomach, and organisms of special senses (eyes, ears and nose ) in good order and the principal health dangers to be guarded against.

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  • 2

    Give general rules governing eating, drinking, breathing, sleeping, cleanliness and exercises; and evidence of the observance of these rules for at least twelve months.

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  • 3

    Know the dangers incurred by the use of tobacco and alcohol, and the breaking of the tenth Scout Law ( “A Scout is clean in thought, word and deed “)

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  • 4

    Know the danger of overtaxing the body and the continual use of one form of exercise. v) Demonstrate the six exercises described in Scouting for Boys. Give reasons for each exercise.

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