Find a BPSA Troop Timberwolf

Camper (Baden Powell Service Association Troop)

  • 1

    Have camped as a Timberwolf for six nights (not consecutive).

    BPSA Troop
  • 2

    Know what personal equipment to take camping.

    BPSA Troop
  • 3

    Know how to properly pack and unpack a small tent (1- or 2- person capacity) and set it up properly, as well as how to keep it clean and waterproof.

    BPSA Troop
  • 4

    Know the proper way of dressing for the outdoors in all seasons.

    BPSA Troop
  • 5

    On a campout, boil water and cook hot dogs for members of your pack, six or family

    BPSA Troop
  • 6

    Show proper campfire safety and perform the cleanup of any cookware used.

    BPSA Troop