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Red-World Friendship (Scouts Australia)

  • 1

    Keep a scrapbook about another country of your choice showing details of the people and include special reference to: * a. the method of living. * b. the food they eat and how they prepare, serve and eat it. * c. their accommodations, such as the type of dwellings they build and how they furnish them. * d. their general living habits. * e. their clothing. * f. traditional games and sports. * g. festivals and national holidays and how they celebrate them. * h. currency. * i. religions. * j. whether or not Scouting exists in this country and one way in which it is different.

  • OR

    Be a pen friend to a child from another country and write, e-mail or send tapes to them for at least 4 months. Over this time find out a few interesting things about your pen friend, e.g. the way they live, traditions in that country, special events or festivals and clothing.

  • 2

    Mark on a world map the following: * a. the location of the UN headquarters. * b. the location of the World Organization of Scout Movements and Gillwell Park (England and Australia). * c. the location of World Jamborees.

  • 3

    List 6 organisations that are part of the UN and tell something about what they do.

  • 4

    Name at least 5 countries where Scouting exists and find out something about Scouting in 2 of these countries including the Cub and/or Scout Promise and Law.

  • 5

    Find out if there are any immigrants in your community, where they came from and why they came to your locality.

  • 6

    Write a prayer about World Peace and Friendship and read it at a Pack meeting, Cub Scouts Own or your place of worship.