Find a Group Achievement

Red-Traveller (Scouts Australia)

  • 1

    Discuss what precautions to take when travelling.

  • Do any FIVE of the following:
  • 2

    Plan a holiday you would like to take including details of places, distances, transport to get there, accommodation, gear needed, main points of interest, brochures for tourist bureaus and activities you would like to do.

  • 3

    Obtain travel information and timetables for 2 means of transport. Show that you understand time differences from state to state and the effect of daylight saving can have on timetables. Use the timetables to find 5 destinations you can reach from home.

  • 4

    Plan and lay out on a map a trip of approximately 50 kilometres which your parents agree to take you on, Act as navigator on this trip,

  • 5

    Produce a log of arrivals and departures from a transport terminal (airport, bus terminal, train station) which you have visited. Your log should contain at least 5 arrivals, departures and list dates, times and places.

  • 6

    Pack a case for a three day trip away from home taking into account the types of activities you will be doing, the weather conditions expected, the type of accommodation you will be using and how you are traveling.

  • 7

    Plan a trip around the world with at least six stopovers on three different continents. Share why you chose them and what you would expect to see there.

  • 8

    Choose a place that you would like to visit with your Pack for a Pack Holiday. Find out about opening times, costs and booking details for the attractions there. Plan how the Pack would get there, where you might stay and what you would need to take with you.

  • 9

    Take a trip with your family, Pack or school. Keep a travel diary of where you went and stayed, what you saw and how you got around. Present this diary to the Pack on your return.