Find a Group Achievement

Green-Traveller (Scouts Australia)

Do any FOUR of the following:

  • 1

    Obtain a map of your city or town. Take notice of the route you take when you trave to another part of the city or town. Mark on the map the main roads that you used on your trip.

  • 2

    Use a road map to plan 2 day trips to places of interest you would like to go with your family. Talk about what you would like to see, where you would stop and how long the trip would take. Explain why these places are interesting and how you would get there.

  • 3

    Talk about 4 places of interest in your area that you would show to a person visiting you.

  • 4

    Plan and undertake a trip of at least 50 kilometres with an adult using public transport. Talk about precautions to take when using public transport.

  • 5

    Choose 4 means of transport and list the good and bad points about each.

  • 6

    Give an illustrated talk to your Pack about a holiday you have had away from your home town.