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Red-Sailing (Scouts Australia)

Under the supervision of a suitably qualified person:

  • 1

    List or state the rules for water safety and safe sailing.

  • 2

    Swim 50 metres in shorts, shirt and shoes and then tread water for 5 minutes.

  • 3

    Demonstrate how to fit and wear an approved personal flotation device (PFD). Show how the correct way to swim/float while wearing a PFD.

  • 4

    Name the parts of a dinghy and explain their function.

  • 5

    Show how to rig and de-rig a dinghy.

  • 6

    Name 3 types of sailboats and explain their function.

  • 7

    Explain the basic rules of sailing.

  • 8

    Explain how to find information relating to the expected weather and water conditions in the area where you go canoeing. Describe the effect of adverse weather conditions on canoeing.

  • 9

    Explain what the effect of wind direction and speed has on sailing.

  • 10

    Demonstrate how to sail a triangular course using tacking, jibing, reaching and running square.

  • 11

    Have the regular use of a dinghy and keep a record of the times and conditions that you sailed in a 6 month period.