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Red-Information Technology (Scouts Australia)

  • 1

    REQUIRED: Electronically communicate with your examiner by e-mail arranging a time to assess your badge work. Include in your e-mail a small picture file attached to the message (e.g. JPEG).

  • Complete 5 of the following:
    • 2a

      Find out about a computer system you would like to own and explain your reasons for wanting it.

    • 2b

      Explain what additions you would like to make to your PC (e.g. more memory, CD or CD/DVD burner, scanner) and explain why you would like to make these additions.

    • 3

      Using a scanner or equivalent, scan a text document or picture and edit it using a text editor or graphics package and show how to do this.

    • 4

      Keep a record of your improvement on your favorite computer game over a period of one month (since the completion of Level 1 if you did that badge activity).

    • 5

      Using a data presentation program (like MS PowerPoint, Lotus Freelance, MS Word or MS Publisher) put together a leaflet using words and pictures to advertise Scouting.

    • 6

      Demonstrate that you can add a website to favorites or bookmark option of your internet browser.

    • 7

      List 3 precautions you must take when using the Internet.

    • 8

      Successfully transfer data and files from one computer to another (but not through e-mail) using CD. ZIP Disk, IR, USB Drive, FDD etc.