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Green-Information Technology (Scouts Australia)

  • 1

    REQUIRED: Electronically communicate with your examiner by e-mail arranging a time to assess your badge work. Include in your e-mail two emoticons and a working web link to the Scouts Australia website.

  • Complete 5 of the following:
    • 2

      Demonstrate your typing skills by typing the Cub Scout Prayer with as few mistakes as you can manage. Demonstrate that you can cut, paste, save and print a document.

    • 3

      Tell your examiner about the important parts of your computer.

    • 4

      Using a search engine, find a web page about Scouting and print it.

    • 5

      Tell your examiner how you have improved your skills through playing your favorite computer game on any platform over a period of one month. Also demonstrate how to turn it on and off, how to load games, how to save games and how to use the controller.

    • 6

      Using a drawing program produce a picture for the examiner using different effects.

    • 7

      Carry out a conversation with another Cub Scout over the internet (i.e. “chat”) for at least 20 minutes. Print out the conversation and show it to the examiner.

    • 8

      Demonstrate your knowledge of emoticons by telling your examiner about four, how they are developed and their meanings.