Find a Group Achievement

Red-Gardener (Scouts Australia)

Do any 4 of the following:

  • a

    Assist with caring for a garden, including vegetables, over a period of 2 months and record the progress on the plants and what you did, including ways you are waterwise in your care.

  • b

    Explain what a hydropnic garden is and grow some plants under adult supervision.

  • c

    Make a compost area for your family. Explain what you use in the compost and how you work it.

  • d

    Set up a worm farm to assit your family with recycling and composting. Describe how worms and compost improve soil.

  • e

    Learn how to prune and demonstrate pruning on a plant that requires it.

  • f

    Discuss the use of chemicals in your garden including weed killers, pest controllers, fertilizers and soil additives.

  • g

    Prepare a landscape sketch for around your home, showing the tree and shrubs and the types of garden you would have.