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Red-Fishing (Scouts Australia)

  • 1

    Discuss the safety precautions, including sun safe precautions, to be taken when fishing from rocks or from a boat.

  • 2

    Discuss how to find out in advance the expected weather and water conditions where you will go fishing.

  • 3

    Participate in at least 3 fishing trips and keep a log showing: * a. time and date of trips. * b. time of low and high tides if applicable. * c. number and type of fish caught.

  • 4

    List 3 types of bait that is appropriate to use where you go fishing, where to get it and how to keep it fresh.

  • 5

    List the minimum size for 5 fish types in the area where you fish.

  • 6

    Show how to clean and maintain your fishing gear.