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Green-Fishing (Scouts Australia)

  • 1

    Swim 50 metres using any stroke. Tread water and float alternately for one minute.

  • 2

    Identify 5 fish caught in the area where you go fishing.

  • 3

    Rig a fishing line with hook and sinker and use it.

  • 4

    Go fishing with an adult, bait a hook and attempt to catch a fish.

  • 5

    Know where to obtain a fishing license for your area.

  • 6

    Find out about 2 of the 3 fishing laws: * a. minimum size of 3 fish which you can catch. * b. seasons for 3 game fish found in your area. * c. inland fishing regulations for your area.

  • 7

    Discuss what safety precautions you would use when fishing, as well as sun safe precautions.