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Red-First Aider (Scouts Australia)

  • 1

    Discuss your limitations as a First Aider and why it is important you should get adult help quickly.

  • 2

    Show you understand D-R-A-B-C

  • 3

    Demonstrate how to place someone in the recovery position and to open keep the airway clear.

  • 4

    Show how to clean and dress a gravel rash or abrasion.

  • 5

    Show how to treat a bleeding wound on the body and on a limb.

  • 6

    Explain heat related conditions and how you should treat a patient showing the signs and symptoms of these.

  • 7

    Discuss the common causes of burns and scalds and show how to treat them.

  • 8

    Show how to treat the following: * a. Snake and funnel web spider bites. * b. Other spider bites. * c. Insect bites.

  • 9

    Discuss how to use land and mobile phones in an emergency and deliver a message to an adult over 100m away. The message is to include information on time, state, number of casualties and condition or casualties.