Find a Group Achievement

Red-Entertainer (Scouts Australia)

Complete 1 of the following sections:

  • 1

    Puppetry: * a. write a puppet play. * b. make a set of hand puppets or marionettes. * c. construct a stage for hand puppets or marionettes. * d. list four forms of puppetry and explain the differences. * e. play a piece of music on a musical instruments.

  • 2

    Drama: * a. recite a piece of verse or prose from memory. * b. perform a mime. * c. describe three different types of drama. * d. attend a play a describe the story, explaining what you liked and disliked about the performance.

  • 3

    Dance: * a. show eight basic steps or movements in your chosen form of dance. * b. perform a short dance. * c. explain the origin of your form of dance and where it is performed now. * d. attend a dance performance and comment on it.

  • 4

    Music: * a. from memory, sing a song or play a tune on your musical instrument. * b. make a musical instrument and demonstrate its use. * c. explain what a musical conductor does and why. * d. attend a choir or orchestral performance and comment on it.

  • 5

    AND Perform before an audience. This may be at your Pack, school or performing group.